Ayuca, Your Partner in Learning.


About Ayuca.

Ayuca has orginally been launched by students to bring a real difference in Tutoring. We want to make sure learners are able to find trusted tutors right to the next door. 

Ayuca makes sure that all information provided by tutors and learners are up-to-date and correct. 

Tutors and learners are welcome to write to us at hello@ayuca.com for any query or help.

Why Ayuca?

We want to ensure that you have all elements to choose your Tutor. We help you with the distance to make sure your Tutor is not on the other side of the Country.  

Ayuca manages all the financial interaction so the Tutor can focus on teaching and deliver the best of himself. No questions asked as the rules are very clear when both register.  We obviously allow cancellation but we want to ensure that it is always fair to the Tutor and Tutor can spend his time with another Learner if the Learner informs him in advance (Check or Rules) 


  1. About Teaching No Hidden Cost

The financial relation is very simple, no registration cost, no hidden cost.  The Tutor puts a price for his course per slot and the Learner pays that price only.  We also want to create long term relation between the Learner and the Tutor.  We allow the  Learner to book courses for multiple months but to be charge only the week before the course happens.  We only do that using Credit Card Payment as Paypal charges a huge amount for such a possibility and we do not want to make it difficult for the Learner. The Tutors knows he will get paid and the Learner does not have to discuss any financial elements with the Tutor


  1. About Teaching Always Available


 Ayuca  is available 24h/7days to allow Tutors and Learners to work at their own speed. And we are here to help should you have any questions or remark.  We built the Platform based on feedbacks so please feel free to send us suggestions for improvement. We promise to read them all and excited to implement them at our cost if requested by a certain level of users.  [   Info@ayuca.com ]