Welcome to the Help Centre Page for Tutors.

You will find here the questions that will help you use our platform.

You can also talk to our chat live on our website if you cannot find answers to your questions.

Ayuca is an online education and training platform connecting learners to tutors close to them for one-to-one or group lessons. At Ayuca, we help students and adults improve their school or work performance and develop important skills for today’s competitive world.

Before posting a course, it is important that you provide Ayuca some of your personal information such as Bank Account and Phone Number. We need these information to release the payment to your account for all the lessons you have taught using Ayuca.

To a post a course, click on your Profile Picture on the top right of the website, then click on “Post a Course”.

Follow the instructions and submit the course. Please do not hesitate to contact us through the chat support for any assistance.

All courses posted are verified before being visible on the platform. This may take up to 20 minutes if your profile is up-to-date. You will be notified by email once the course is approved. Note: Posting a Course is FREE.

Tutor are not charged for anything within the ayuca platform.

You will be able to receive bookings from Learners for your learners after you have updated your information and that your course is approved by Ayuca.

Tutors are immediately informed of a booking by Email and SMS where you will find the Reservation Information of the booking.

The Tutors are free to set their own rate for the session and duration. However, we have some guidelines we can provide to help you decide the best rate for your courses. Private sessions rates are based on many parameters such as the subject selected, the experience of the Tutor and the level of the learner.

You can change your rate per lesson at any time before you receive the first reservation for this course.

On Ayuca, it is important to respect the guidelines in order to see your courses live in the platform.

Tutors following the guidelines are usually the ones with the highest number of reservations.

On our platform, the listings are ranked by the distance. When a Learner will search for a course all the listings are ranked from the lowest distance to the highest. The distance shown is the distance that separates the learner from your place or the public space you have selected to provide the lessons.

We are currently not offering the possibility for Tutors to provide Online Lessons. Do not worry, we are almost ready to offer this alternative in few days from now.

At Ayuca we want to make sure that Tutors manage their own schedule and we understand sometimes you may not be able to provide lessons for a certain period.

For this simply go to your Schedule Page and select all the days and times you wish to block. The system will immediately block all the slots available in your course(s).

To update your profile, follow the steps

Tutors are not required to have a teaching qualification, however we ask Tutors to have a certain knowledge about the subject

We do encourage students to provide tutoring lessons to learners and post courses in order to receive requests from Learners. It is a good idea to update your educational background information as well as your biography to tell about yourself and your experience.

A profile picture will give more confidence to the Learners to book lessons with you. Make sure to have a nice and visible picture showing yourself only.

In order to keep a safe environment in our platform, we ask users to upload an Identification Document.

Uploading an approved ID will help you get verified on our platform (check: How do I get verified?)

A user is “verified” when all the documents and information required have been provided and approved by Ayuca.

To get verified: